Patrick J. Mitchell

A 30 year veteran to stage and screen and receiving his training at Kentucky State University and has been seen all across the New York Theater community in several shows. Most recently at the Billie Holiday Theater in "Obeah Symphony" (where he was nominated for an Audelco award for best supporting actor) He has been seen in New Federal Theaters production "Grey Panthers" written by J.E. Franklin and directed by Walter Jones, Black Spectrum Theaters production of "Ceremonies in Dark Old Men" directed by Bette Howard and most recently in "Samson's Way" written and directed by Fulton Hodges. He has also performed at The Billie Holiday Theater in "Freeda Peoples" and "Women in the Pit" written and directed by Joyce Sylvester, "Four men on a couch" directed by Avan Little-written by Anne Screching Thompson, "The Legend of Buster Neal" written and Directed by Jackie Alexander (also presented at the National Black Theater Festival, and nominated for two Audelco Awards), and Samm Art Williams "The Waiting Room" (Also nominated for two Audelco awards). He has performed at Nicu Spoon Theater in "No Niggers, No Jews, No Dogs" directed Stephanie Fargus. He has been seen in Williams Shakespeare's Othello as "Othello" and Anton Chekovs "The Cherry Orchard". He has done several independent films such as Cubecity's productions of "Dear J" and "Guitar Hero". As a stand up comedian he has worked with Mark Curry, Sinbad and Jamie Foxx.

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